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You'll get there DRT... I feel like you got a little too much bulldog in ya to not get there eventually! We have come to figure out through your posts that you have a tendency to get a little frustrated, and bent outta shape sometimes when fighting a problem with your trad bow. You even said so yourself But here's the thing, we ALL get that way to some extent during our "journey" to try and master this fickle sport. Anybody that says they haven't, just told a lie!! I have been "bow only" since '83, and traditional only since prob 2000, but have been shooting my trad bows since prob '88. My point with all those dates was just that that's a fairly long time, and I still have my moments where things just ain't going right. I got invited to hunt with two buddies in Kansas this year, and the 1st thing they asked was "you taking that longbow?". Uhhh, since that's all I got, yes, that's what I'll be taking! What their angle was, was what I mentioned in that earlier post... "what if ya see one too far for the ol stick?!" That's something that never even crosses my mind anymore, cuz I will setup to give me that 15 yd shot, and let the hunt play out. Kinda like what Scott said, but a hair different... I don't really feel like I've become a better hunter since going to strictly trad, but, I am way more meticulous bout my setups being as precise as possible to get me a good killin shot. So, I guess in that aspect, I have become better. But, the reality of it is, what makes anyone better at killin stuff with trad equipment is... TIME. Time spent doing it until you eventually become somewhat consistent at putting yourself in position to make a killing shot, followed by executing that shot. And even though we may differ abit in that you ain't really in it for the "nature experience" side of it, one thing I can say... The more game you have in close proximity to you, you will become a better hunter, simply because you have to do more things right to consistently get within 15 yds of critters. And I do know for a fact you learn more about those critters, which will eventually lead to you being more consistent at killin em! Sorry bout the minor "side-track" And also, most definitely aint saying you aint killed lotsa critters, cuz i figure you've killed PLENTY!! You're doing it right, just keep practicing, get your confidence level up, kill lotsa stuff, and it will take care of itself. But most of all, do what makes the hunt the most enjoyable to ya! Good Huntin, and God Bless, Rusty
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