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Originally Posted by kae006 View Post
You spend a lot of time thinking about penises and parades huh? **** gays forcing their penises and parades on all of us, it's just unacceptable.
No actually I don't. I just get sick of having this gay crap being pushed off on everyone like we're supposed to cater to them and their views. Maybe if they'd just live their life and do their gay thing instead of promoting it and showing the world their views on things maybe it wouldn't **** people off as much and it wouldn't be an issue. Making a mockery of Jesus Christ isn't a good way to make people accept their lifestyle or like them.

We know there's gay people out there. Is it necessary to have two dudes kissing each other in a commercial on t.v.? Is it necessary to go out in public and be as gay as you can possibly be around children that can easily see this kind of thing? No not really but they do it anyway.

If you're gay,be gay. Nobody has to be reminded that gays are out there. Trust me people realize that. Nobody thinks they're that special.

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