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Originally Posted by hardcore247 View Post
My .02 is that the "professional" shooters are pushing out the regular bowhunters. My first shoot after moving to TX took 4+ hours with no real breaks. Since then unless I have absolutely nothing else going on I avoid them. The club I belong to is in the dallas area and from what I have seen unless there is a qualifier or deerman going on they struggle to hit 20 shooters.

I think the regular bowhunter who just wants to spend time with family or friends and shoot to get some practice doesn't want to stand around and wait at every target.
I would agree with the above statement.

In full disclosure, I shoot trad, and we tend to shoot much faster than our Compound brothers.

I can usually shoot two rounds of 3D at a trad only shoot in the same time it takes to shoot 1 round at an Open 3D shoot.

I can honestly say that I have skipped on attending a few shoots when I know that there will be a lot of "semi-pro" compound shooters there. It just takes way to long.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to sound like a snobby Trad guy. I don't care what kind of bow you shoot, no judgement, if you shoot reasonably fast and keep the course flowing... we are good.

IMO there should be time limits and group sizes should be reduced for the really long stabilizer people.

I'm not only saying this because it slows me down, it also hurts the local clubs. Take down is delayed and less members are willing to hang around to help with take down.

If I'm done at say 11am why would I wait till 3:30 to take down.

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