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Originally Posted by ttaxidermy View Post
Im personal friends with a veterinarian, in the hill country, who is also a dog bite investigator for the state. He has been doing that job for 25+ years.. The stories he can tell you about Pitts and Rotwielers attacks, and the things he has witnessed, will give you goose bumps.. Chows aren't to be taken lightly either...

My opinion about these breeds should be obvious but my opinion doesn't matter. They are legal and probably always will be but I'm sure if Trump owned one the libs would be trying to get them irraticated... Hmmm..

But those poodles???? Straight up MAN EATERS.
Chows are crazy. Had one in college that attacked my room mates Rotty...he kept going back for more. My chow even challenged me for alpha once...kicked him in the ribs and he never did it again. Iíll never own a chow again, gonna stick with Goldens.
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