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Originally Posted by Clay C View Post
There's a reason the musli.... oops, pit bull apologists (sorry for the confusion, it's the same liberal logic) get so defensive. It's because the reason they own the dog in the first place is to be edgy. They pick a pit bull with intention of having to defend their selection. Unless you are an avid hog dogger or the quarter back for the Atlanta Falcons, there is absolutely no benefit to having one. They aren't known as good family, dogs, they aren't known as good bird dogs etc.. They are known for one thing. People buy them as pets because they know the perception that comes with it and they want to show how edgy and cool they are.

In conclusion. Unless you're a hog dogger or Michael Vick, Pit Bull owner=hipster
I agree there is this perceived tough guy, macho bravado that pit owners have. Same goes for those that own venomous snakes in their home. They want to push the envelope and walk the edge for whatever personal reasons...the danger, insecurities, adrenaline , "because that's what bad *** tough guys do...." When one attacks it's never the breed but the owners.

Same mentality for rodeo rough stock riders. Bulls, Broncs and bares. I rode all three. And was somewhat successful in two. I did it for the adrenaline rush, the danger, and to hear the crowd and in Highschool the chicks dig it. Every time someone got seriously hurt or killed , as a contestant you blamed something else but walked away with the mentality it wont happen to me, knowing dang sure in your mind that could and will someday you. As tuff or lane said " don't be scared to follow your dreams...but be willing to pay the price." A few guys like me were willing and I feel the cost everyday today. The question isn't if you're gonna get hurt but when and how bad. Pit owners aren't much different mentally ...the difference is the Bulls and Broncs that could hurt me are showcased in an arena, where I was ready and willing. Not in a living room or walking down the street with no knowledge of the danger!
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