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Originally Posted by JimboBurnsy View Post
I set my 100 grain inserts in my new Rampage 250s yesterday afternoon. With any luck they will go in the jo-jan this weekend. I couldn't stand it and screwed one of my slick tricks into one of the shafts. I don't know how to explain the feeling I have looking at this unfletched shaft with a broadhead in it other than "It's just BEGGING to kill something."

FWIW, the interior and exterior dimensions seem to be exactly the same as my Easton Axis 300s and the perfectly routine HIT insert installation supports that. There is a big difference in stiffness between the two, however. I don't have a deflection gauge, but I can easily tell the Rampage from the Axis with my eyes closed by flexing.

Excited as ****.
my Goldtip arrows have the deal on the back of the insert where I can add some more screw in weight from the knock side if I want to add more.

Does your?
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