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Default Conditions Update:

Been raining with some heavy thunderstorms the passed couple days and 30% chance of rain and local thinderstorms for next couple days thru the weekend.

It should really help the grasses green up as some areas were starting to get a bit dry. The draws and small gullys and low lands are still pretty green and have been holding alot of water from the rains. Alot of the roads are unpassable even with 4 wheel drive as of today 9/10/09 and will take several days to dry out. PLEASE DON'T GO OUT TEARING UP THE ROADS right now just to go scouting. GET OUT AND WALK.

I walked a bit of the area I hunt yesterday and found much more actitvity than had previously thought was in the area because it was so much easier to track versus how hard and dry it had been prior.
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