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Default Robbery At Coopers BBQ in Junction!

After a 3-day work weekend at our new lease in Sonora and living off sandwiches and oatmeal bars, I was anxious for some decent food on my way home yesterday. I pulled into Junction, needing diesel and saw a Coopers BBQ and had to fill up both tanks (truck and mine). Ordered 1 lb Sliced brisket, 1 lb pork ribs (was taking some home to family) and a side of potatoe salad and beans with a large drink: $41! Proceeded down I-10 and started sampling.........WTH am I eating??? The brisket had to be the absolute worst I've ever had at a "restaurant" and I've eaten at Dickey's twice! The pork ribs were not far off, but at least edible. Sad thing is people traveling Texas stop in there for "Texas BBQ" a get something my dog wouldn't take!
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