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Originally Posted by Livin'2hunt View Post
You're not even good at putting words in my mouth. That's why I said you are dim, not because I need affirmation; facts do that for me. I understand you're just stirring the pot but dang dude, at least be good at it.

For anyone whom may agree with you, I will humor them and respond this one time to your trolling:

I don't care what these players do. They can play in Che Guevera uniforms and scream "Black Power" after every tackle. They have that Right. I also have the Right to watch 'Cheers' reruns while they're doing it. Nothing in the First Amendment requires me to be a captive audience to their shenanigans. They are free to express and speak until their dying breath and I don't care. You do what you please and that too will not affect me. So, next time you want to put words in my mouth, do a better job. Next time you want to stir the pot, bring a bigger spoon because you are over your skis here, Bubba. Oops...I mean, Xbowhunter.

You can watch cheers but you canít watch dukes of hazard! [emoji3]

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