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Originally Posted by Livin'2hunt View Post
Perhaps you're having difficulties comprehending the difference in the Right of free speech and the tolerance thereof. I haven't read one post in ALL the post on TBH about this matter that said these pi*s ants don't have the Right to protest. The consensus is, we as consumers don't have to listen to it. We absolutely do not and the reasons cited time and again has been the lack of respect shown to the Country and its veterans. They are distinctly separate issues and conflating the two makes you appear dim.

Ofcourse not, no one is gonna say that. That is pretty much the elephant in the room that no one wants to point at. Perhaps by calling yourself a consumer and saying "we don't have to listen to it" is exactly how you say they shouldn't be able to. Perhaps By saying you agree with trump that they should be fired(*even though it's not his place to say<----that's the disclaimer) is exactly how you say they shouldn't be able to. Or maybe when you say "I'm not watching NFL anymore" yeah you're a consumer, but all of the sudden the players trying to make a statement that ****** you off outweighs your supposed love for the game. Look at the comment right above yours it says right there,"......they should leave."
The actions are saying what you don't want to, you're just splitting hairs now to stay politically correct to the 1st amendment. Splitting them every which way so you don't have to say what everyone wants to.
And name calling like "Dim" just devalues Your argument By showing it needs the support of and backing of immaturity.
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