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Originally Posted by DTala View Post
I cut my right leg off one time and superglued it back on....

LOL, well almost. I was helping a friend cut trees off his house a couple of days after Katrina hit NO. We were just north of NO, across the lake. I cut a small twisted sapling and it grabbed the saw and swung it into my right thigh. The cut was to the bone and 7-8" long.

Nowhere to go so I cut the shredded tissue off clean, rinsed it out with 4-5 different things, and cleaned out the debris. I then superglued inside, waited 20 min and superglued the top side. Placed butterfly strips, bandaged, and back to work. It never even got a lil red, and healed with almost no scar.

Superglue is good stuff.
LOL, that's not sealing a wound. That's self performed surgery.
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