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Originally Posted by Slew View Post
I bought the stuff to do it over 2 mos ago and had to toss it in the freezer! GOt home last might and thawed it all out. Ran the boat this eve, picked up some Jalapeno Jack in Brookshires in Emory and bout fell over when I saw they had beer! Giggled like a kid on Christmas morning, got some Shiner to go with it! Got it all put together and seasoned to my liking and grilled it 15min a side on my crappy gas grill while I was swinging with little man. Burned the BBQ beans inside on the stove cause I forgot em, but thats ok! Man they grow up fast in 2 mos.

Dinner was awesome! Tomorrow or Fri night its fresh mustard fried crappie!
Good to see ya home, I thought the storms were gonna keep you gone all summer!
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