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Originally Posted by KeithTT View Post
Have you had a chance to look into the elusivewildlife Sportsman's feeder light?. the solar panel battery and everything is all built into one and mounts on to any pole T post tree limb Etc. As for the ammo box yes you could drill a hole to run your wire in nuts and bolts to put the light to the bottom and then go Mount the ammo can with a ratchet strap to the side of a tree. use the light directional instead of pointing straight down so to speak. highly recommend checking out the Sportsman light though. $69.99 and you'll never have to mess with batteries or anything again

Yes sir I sure did I was just trying to utilize the light I already had. But I ended getting a deal on 2 lights that have built in lithium batteries and solar panels that I can mount to a tree or whatever $40 for both delivered. So Iím going to try this out and see what happens.

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