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Hunt In: San Angelo/ Any Public lands.

Iíve bow hunted there a lot over the years. Lots of deer. Got my first bow doe and buck out there. Hunt Twin Buttes now as the state park severely limited the days we can bow hunt because of all the draw hunts so everything I tell you is 2 years ago. Hereís a pic of the haul from one morning of a draw hunt in 2015.

Best luck will be on the lake side of 2288 as walk on bow hunting is limited to the other side of 2288 so less pressure on lake side but with less days to bow hunt now that might not be as true. Been on one youth draw doe hunt. We only saw bucks. Figures. We were in area 1.

I can tell you about areas 1-7 as Iíve hunted each a lot. 1 has mostly bucks. Couple blinds almost mile walk.
2 has almost all doe. Short walk in this small area to blind on dam of normally dry tank. 2 is were I got my first bow kill.
3 is mix of deer. Hunted this area the least.
4. Donít think they use anymore. Too close to houses. Lot of doe
5 is good mix. Seen a few pigs here as well.
6 is mix but have seen some good bucks here. Were I got my first bow buck. Seen a few pigs.
7 is mix and have seen a couple axis here.

1,6&7 usually have longhorn on them so be aware. The state sprayed all the mesquite in the park 3-4 years ago except along creeks and river. Didnít seem to affect deer at all. Though I never hunted the lake side have driven around and always seen deer. Area 8 on north end looks like a good area and if any area has axis this would be it. The have a nice cleaning area with a couple skinning racks. Staff has always been great in the past.
Park is less than 5 minutes from Walmart , Sams, HEB, Academy, Chic fil a and many hotels and restaurants. Donít speed on 2288 right before it gets into town. Slows down to 35 and they watch it close. I may be up there that week hunting at Twin Buttes and my kids live up there so pm my son 79F250 as he would love to meet up and swap stories over dinner. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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