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Originally Posted by Kokanee View Post
Nothing wrong with helping a brother out! Hey, that's why most hunt in pairs right? One to call, one to shoot! Or one to call, and shoot when you are way out of position because you don't have any idea what direction the bull is headed (Toward caller!).

I will say I have the man crush on Lance Armstrong and Cameron Haynes. Have read all their books more than once! I just can't find anyone crazy enough to follow me on my bike the distances and places I go, nor into the woods that I wan't to go. My buddy that invited me this year is slowly warming up to a back country hunt, but not sure if he is going to do it for more than one night! I am definately not into doing that solo as I have tried before (Mountaineering) and wound up back at the trail head at 2:00am in the dark 'cause the spookies got to me! I suppose that if I had my Rino with me and I could see where base camp was in relation to my back country camp, that might change my situation if my buddy say no way?
Yeah Cam Hanes is a Beast. Been lucky enough to have met the guy on many occasions. He shops at the same Archery shop that I use.
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