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TWP, I had never heard of Kuiu before!? Thanks for the tip! I will have to check them out. Sitka is over the top pricey! They are in the same price point as the normal non-hunting related alpine gear I buy, but any better deals for good quality lightweight clothing that won't get me killed at elevation is a plus. Primos Micro's are the smallest that I have seen so far, but I haven't looked too hard. They fit my mouth, which is small as well, but didn't cause me to gag. I can't make any sound out of them that doesnt' sound like a drowning cat yet though!

This year was my first elk hunt and I wasn't blindsided by much, I got what I expected. I am familiar with altitude and performance as I am climbing in CO at least every other month come May. What I was surprised at was the animal itself! You can make noise when in a bugle or cow call tit-a-tat with a bull. They don't spook for much else than sight or smell of a non elk species - White Tail schooling out the window. They will almost always circle down wind to get your scent if they don't see another elk on first glance. Got nailed twice that way when my buddy calling lost me and I got out from between he and the bull. And lastly, they have some out of this world hearing telemetry! They can pinpoint your location a half mile away by just one bugle! Phenomenal!
Next year is going to be split between base camp and back country camp to increase hunt time. Travelling up in the dark and cold takes too much time and I want to beat the others to the herd!
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