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Why even use subsonic when you can buy a big ole box of the cheap stuff that's much faster and it's will do the job just fine. I think, unless you're dealing with a really big, really old boar, it is highly unlikely(if you know what the heck you're doing) that you need anything more than some standard 22LR ammo to put down pigs in a trap. Now I've heard stories from my dad, from way back in the day when my grandparents used to butcher hogs, and they shot this big ole hog right between the eyes several times, and it would just stun him, and he would get back up. I don't remember the details exactly what they did to finally kill him, but when they skinned out the scull, there where just cracks between the eyes where they shot him. Who knows what kind of ammo they where using. My dad used to use .22 shorts a lot when he was a kid. But this was a domestic hog shot right between the eyes. As far as the 30-06 skipping off the skull........maybe somebody grazed a hogs head with a 30-06, that's possible, but come on.
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