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Default Still Not Ready

This bow season snuck up on me.
I'm still not ready to go.

Between being so busy building tabs, and with it raining all day for a week,
I just haven't been able to get much preparation done.

Well, I got busy this afternoon.

I was fairly certain of my broadhead flight, but haven't shot them for a while,
so for peace of mind I had to. Turns out, nothing has changed, and they hit right with my target arrows at any distance.

I only had to sharpen the one I have been shooting. It wasn't dull by any means, but not as sharp as I like.
The others were still very sharp, but since I was there I polished them up too.

As far as I can tell, all I have left is to get my pack loaded, and get my hunting cloths washed,
and I'll be ready for morning.

Due to the rain & flooding, I can't get to my place on the river at the family farm, so I'll be hunting
here at the house. I'm not bothered by that though. Been seeing lots of sign here.

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