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Originally Posted by J Sweet View Post
Shane, these are the "failures" most often outlined as I see them;

Border wall: Must be funded by congress, Trump made the proposal to congress, they said no. Without funding the project does not move forward. So what can Trump do inside the constitution to pay for it? Nothing.

Health care replacement: First and foremost I am a proponent of letting it die on its own so this isn't a "failure" in my eyes but it is for the President. Again, this has to be a congressional action and they as a whole couldn't come to a consensus. So what can Trump do inside the constitution to pay for it? Nothing.

Travel Ban: Trump instituted it, activist judges shut it down twice.

Sanctuary City funding cuts: Trump instituted it, activist judges shut it down.

I do not believe that Trump is in cahoots with congress to deceive the public by saying he wants them but secretly working with Paul Ryan to make sure they don't have the votes.

In the end of it besides these "failures" in the first 100 days we have at a minimum:

1. A constitutionalist on the SCOTUS (probably at least one more to come in this term)

2. Border crossings by illegals down by 2/3rds.

3. Constant meetings with heads of industry and then executive orders following advice from such which has shown increasing job numbers in the US

4. Dow Jones over 21,000.00

5. Countless regulations rescinded affecting the economy negatively.

For just the 5 items here I give him an A plus.
On the border wall, as soon as the Democrats said they wouldn't vote for any spending bill that included funding for a border wall and they'd "shut down the government" over it, Trump's administration came out and said that he'd go ahead and agree to a spending bill that left the wall out (even though we don't need a single Democrat vote to pass anything). Instant cave.

On the Obamacare repeal, the best thing to do would be to repeal it completely and immediately. Letting it slowly die just makes things worse for longer. And repealing it is what Trump and the GOP all promised they'd do last year. Now that they have the power to do it, they won't. There are some in the GOP that actually do want to repeal it, and there are some that said they wanted repeal but clearly don't want to repeal it. Trump sided with the part of the GOP (establishment leadership) that doesn't want to repeal it, and he literally said the other folks in the GOP that did want to repeal it are the enemy. He had a chance to pick sides and lead, and he chose the wrong side and lead the wrong direction on that issue.

Those are too huge failures, and both cases illustrate clearly that neither Trump nor the GOP leadership are committed to their promises on those issues. There's not any credible way to spin it otherwise.

The Gorsuch nomination and confirmation was a great thing. It showed what can happen when you have the power AND the will to use the power to accomplish what you want. You get your way when you want to when you have the power. There's no excuse for them to not get the same kind of result with repealing Obamacare, the border wall, tax cuts, or anything else. They have to power to accomplish every single thing they promised in the campaign if they actually want to follow through on it.

Dropping the big bomb on ISIS and dealing decisively with North Korea and working to reduce regulations are all good things, and I absolutely give Trump and his administration credit for those. It's awesome to see those kinds of things being done. But that just makes it that much more frustrating to watch them make half-hearted efforts on big issues like repealing Obamacare. If they wanted to succeed on that, they would.

That doesn't mean they haven't done some good things. But the fact that they've done some good things doesn't mean that they haven't blown it big time on some things either. That's all I'm saying. Making excuses for them and ignoring that fact doesn't change anything, and it sure doesn't do anything to encourage them to not sell us out on other things.

Let's not blindly worship "our guy" the way all the liberals worshiped Obama and convinced themselves that he could do no wrong. That's not healthy for either side, is it?
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