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Originally Posted by BolilloLoco View Post
You should be able to improve on a 5” group at 50 yards. Just keep shooting different slugs. Make sure you have a good quality scope and mounting system. 12 gauge kicks hard enough to jar them loose and make things move around.

Yep, good scope to handle the recoil. Or you will go through several. I'm on my 6th scope for one of my slug guns. Hope this one holds up for a while. The others were cheapies. My other slug gun has a good scope. And no issues with it so far. I've also had it on an '06 for 20+ years prior to moving it to my best slugger. It's a 4-12X.

And 200 yards is certainly doable with practice and the right load/gun combo.

Edit: 6th scope was after 25+ years on one slug gun. And I don't know how many slugs. I've been shoot-n and hunting with slugs a lot longer than that, since the late 1970s.

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