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I hung a new stand in the northwest corner of a small field 25' up in a bull pine on the inside edge of the fence corner looking over an old logging road running N/S inside the over grown fence row. Has a nice beat down trail lined in rubs from the west coming out of the bottom to the corner and has been undisturbed for a week soaking in a few hundred #s of corn.
Same road I shot the buck I posted earlier a few years ago. Wind is supposed to shift finally Sunday morning with a chance of storms. I'm predicting a dead deer and LDPs by Monday.
I'm out of town working and will have 9 days of pictures tomorrow when I get back. Hopefully I stick a old 19-20" wide short tined slick 8, a big fat 6pt with 7" brows, or maybe something I've haven't seen yet but I have that gut feeling this weather change is gonna be the deal sealer.

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Sounds like a great spot. I had that feeling yesterday afternoon. Barometer was at 30.4, highest it has been all season, with a steady wind out of the N. I carried a climber in and set up on a scrape in the middle of a bunch of Chickapin Oaks that are dropping. I had two bucks, including a two year old eleven point, come and check the scrape. I had to stay in the stand 20 minutes after dark because I had deer all around me. It was my first hunt in this spot but I will be back there very soon.

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