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Originally Posted by SFAbowhunter View Post
So after listening to the podcast with Mark Drury, he states he doesn't like hunting mornings in the early season (mainly October)...after hearing that, will it change your October up at all?

I'm looking at the weather we are to have opening weekend and I'll have a slight NE breeze and a low of 55* opening morning with the highest BP of the week. Thinking since we are getting the front that's dropping temps almost 20*, opening day being later in the front, and a high BP for opening day that I'm going to go hunt anyways. Hunting public land where I have deer patterned, but don't want to run them out if it ain't right.

I think it depends on your stand and the situation. If you have easy access and don't have a fear of jumping the deer on the way in you can hunt a morning, but I personally don't. My morning camera action is really non existent early October anyway. The bucks are usually up til 3 and 4 on their feet then headed to bed. I listened to it. It's a beautiful podcast!!!

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