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Snipers used fixed 10x. Cowboys used iron sights. Etc etc. welcome to 2018. We have options to extend a shooters range in many ways. Pretty much all my optics are 3-18 or 4-16 FFP. I have the ability to crank them up. I keep most of them on a very low power for fast running shots or up close shots. I crank them up to stretch them out. Same gun I’ve shot to 1800 with has made kills well under 100. I try to not limit myself. “It’s too far to see” won’t be said. Get closer if you don’t want to shoot that far but at least you get a good look at what you’re about to spend time stalking. I don’t care what anyone used 50+ years ago. Buy the equipment that puts success more in your favor. That animal will look the same on the wall and in the freezer whether you used irons or an S&B.
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