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Originally Posted by Gummi Bear View Post
I have a fixed 6x on my BLK. I'm not currently monkeying around with subsonics.

I shoot it out to 500 regularly, and have dropped a pig and a coyote at 300 and 310, one shot each.

With a red dot, if you can get 4 MOA, you're doing pretty good. I have an Aimpoint that has a 2MOA dot, and I don't think I've ever been able to hold it at that.

Getting multiple pigs in a melee is really a lot of luck involved. Your chances may improve if you're hunting in a big crop field, but one, and sometimes two are about all I ever manage at the Lease or Farm (lots of timber, and I hunt clearings). I do well with getting "two-fer" shots. Waiting on two of them suckers to line up.

that's why i like the 458 socom
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