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Originally Posted by TTU TX Hunter View Post
Pits look great! Quick question, do you weld bullethinges on top of the flat strap itself to get a piece on top? Iím assuming you cut the top and leave the door connected and weld on the strap and hinges before you cut the rest?
I make my own hinges using cold roll, & pipe.

first I cut the top all the way across.
then I lay my 1-1/2" flat strap on top, but stop 3/4" from the cut on both sides. I also pit my hinges on at this time.

then I do the same on the bottom.

then I make my side cuts. I usually leave it connected on all 4 corners overnight so it can cool off. come back the next day and cut it loose, and make sure the door opens correctly.

then I strap out the sides very slowly using clamps and a little heat on the flat bar. once done strapping, I like to tack the door to the pit do it can't open. maybe 10 spots all the way around.

then I start welding the strap to the door. moving around, and keeping the heat low as possible, making short welds. I don't even seal weld the strapping anymore.....too easy to warp! I just weld the corners, and a few spots in between.

after that's done, and cooled off, I cut the tacks loose, and clean everything up, and put my handles on.

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