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I was in the 8th grade and my Dad and I took two doe hunters out on the ranch. Both hunters bragged about their hunting prowess and past expeditions. Both hunters were over 45 yrs. I sat with the oldest (50-55 yrs old), he had a very nice browning semi-auto 270 with a nice scope. He dressed the part of a hunter who had hunted before. No long after sitting down a single doe walked out and I gave him the clear to shoot. The doe as approximately 75 yards away standing still and broadside with good day light etc. "Boom" gun goes off and the doe hunches up and stands there and before I could tell him he hit her in the gut, he shoots again and the doe walks a few feet and lays down not dead. I put my gun up and shoot her in the head to finish her off.

He is as proud as any hunter as we are walking up he looks at her and said "alright I hit her perfect, right where I was aiming." Not sure he picked up on my shocked look on my face. I dragged the deer off to a good place to gut it and as the guy laid his gun down and retrieved his knife, he looks at me and says, "I have never gutted a deer, do you mind showing me how" I looked him straight in the eyes and said "You better have a $100 dollar bill in you pocket, because you shot this deer twice in the guts"

He only barfed 3 times while I gutted his deer and yes he did tip me that $100. And as for his shots there were with in 2" of each other right square in the middle of the deer's belly.
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