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So many of these stories sound very familiar. We used to take a lot of people hunting for about 15 years, we saw all types of crazy crap. We had many people show up, talking about how many deer they had killed, how they were very ethical hunters ect. Heard those stories many times.

What they did not know, is we always cleaned out blinds after someone hunted in a blind, even if someone did not hunt in a blind, we still checked them regularly, because after taking many people hunting on this one ranch, that was way off of a 14 mile long dirt county road. You had to drive through five other large ranches to get to the place, it was surrounded by a 22,000 ac. and a 18,000 ac. ranch. But after having taken many people hunting out there, we started seeing signs of someone hunting in blinds we had not put anyone in. So we made it a point to check all the blinds regularly. We eventually determined for sure, someone was coming out and hunting during the week, we were not there. Eventually we caught one guy, he lied his *** off. He got his *** chewed severely and got to meet the game warden and Sherriff. We found he added a lock to our chain and the chains on each of the other gates you had to go through, to get to the ranch.

But of the guys that we actually took out to hunt, many times we would have guys tell us, they never saw anything. After we had heard a shot or shots coming from the direction of the blind they were in. We would have guys all over the ranch. Each person would report back as to where they heard shots come from. We all knew where every blind was. So when someone shot, each of us knew most likely which blind the shot came from. But then we would all get together and compare notes and were then able to determine for sure which blind the shots came from. After the person in that blind would claim they had not seen anything. We would question them a little, then take them back to camp. Then we would go back to the blind they were in, check inside and 95% of the time, there would be one or more empty cases, of the same caliber the guy brought, that we had just had in the blind. So then we would go out looking for signs of a deer, that had been shot or shot at. Most of the time, we would find the spot where the deer had been standing, when it was shot or shot at. Then we would look for blood, hair or other signs it may have been hit. Then we would track it as far as we could. I would bet 70% of the time, we would find a dead deer within 100 yards of where the deer was shot. So we would gut the deer, load it in the truck and back to camp. Then get the guy out side, take him to the truck and show him his deer. 90% of the time, they would still claim, they had never fired a shot, some would get seriously ****** at us. Some would just swear up and down they never shot. A few would eventually admit they shot the deer. Some would admit they shot at a deer, but swear they did not hit the deer, likely they really had no clue.

Once we showed them their deer, we would load their gear up in their truck with their deer, tag their deer for them, with their tag and send them packing and make it very clear they were not welcome back. Some were understanding they made a mistake, others would be fuming mad. We did not tolerate any BS, we sent them down the road and made it clear they had better never show back up. The guy who did show back up and started poaching was one who did get highly ****** about getting kicked off of the place.

Yes, we had a guy from Dallas shoot a cow one morning, the same morning on the ranch next door, they had a guy from Dallas shoot a cow.

Many years later, I took my buddy hunting, his wife and brother in law. On that ranch, the game biologist, told us to shoot something like 37 doe the first year. We were only able to get about five people to shoot a doe. The second year, the game biologist told us to shoot 67 doe. We really pushed to get people to shoot doe. But they would shoot a buck and then claim they had no room in their freezer for any more deer. These same people would come out claiming they just were there to meat hunt, that they did not care if they shot a buck or doe, but then we could not get them to shoot a doe. We almost got to the point of either killing a doe and handing it to them or telling them they could only shoot doe or go home. But I never got the ok to do either.

So I take my buddy, his wife and brother in law out to hunt. Well the brother in law, said he wanted to shoot a buck, he wanted a big trophy buck. I told him that was not a option. he got ******. Well later when I took him to a blind and dropped him off, he wanted to make sure there were some big bucks in the area. I again made it clear, he was not allowed to shoot a buck under any circumstance. He got ****** again, then said he was going to shoot a buck. I made it clear his *** would be in a world of trouble if he did. At that point he pulled a knife on me. Then told me, I was going to let him shoot a big buck. I told him, he could put his knife away and take his *** home or I would introduce him to my 44 mag. He did not back down for a while. This was a difficult situation. His sister was my best friend's wife. Then his wife, was a woman, that was in my high school class. His sister was standing right there, when things got to the point, where I thought I was likely going to have to shoot him. He finally put the knife away. I took him back to camp and sent him home.

That was the last season we took people hunting, we had way too many problems those last two seasons.
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