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Big boys should be by themselves by now right? Just seeing big herds? Now Iím really messed up!!! First 5x5 gets into range is gonna get a carbon meat seeker sent itís way.

QUOTE=Chris Martin;12926223]

It's been warmer than it normally is suppose to be right now. I'm seeing anywhere between 20-100 elk a day since Friday. Mostly moving first and last light.
Got on a bull that is still bugling pretty good, but he's with about 60 cows and other little bulls. He's a 5x6 280"ish middle aged bull. Literally had 50 elk in bow range this am, but he stayed out at 100 yds. Only bull I've heard bugle. Had opps at a few little guys, but have been trying to hold out for something bigger. Water has been key if you can find somewhere that's secluded. I only brought 1 trailcam, wish I had brought more to get down their pattern. Pic is of a smaller bull in the herd.

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