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We had an incident at our family ranch about 10 years back. The ranch is owned by my granddad on my dads side and typically just me, my dad and granddad hunt the ranch each year. Well one year my step granddad on my moms side who does not hunt asked if his best friend from Ohio could come down and hunt. We agreed to let him come down to hunt and it happened to be opening weekend when he was in town. My dad drove out with them the Friday before and explained the Texas hunting regulations to them and asked that the friend either shoot 1 buck and 1 doe or 2 does as the country regulations at the time stated 1 buck and 2 doe per year. We also requested that he not shoot any of our trophy deer and went over what we considered to be a trophy. Saturday morning my dad puts both of them in a blind and then heads to his. Shortly after shooting light he hears a gun shot from their direction, then a few minutes later another, then another, then ten minutes later another, and finally a few minutes after that a 5th gunshot. My dad assumed they had shot one got out of the stand to trail it and it hopped up so they shot at it some more. He began to walk to their blind to see if he could help find the deer. When he got to the blind he found the obnoxious friend dragging up the last of the 5 deer he had shot that morning. The obnoxious friend who was not sorry at all told my dad he hadn't shot his gun in a while and when the deer didn't fall he just assumed he had missed each shot. He then looked at my dad and said well I guess I will have to use some of your tags for my deer since I only have three tags and 5 deer (2 of which were bucks and a 3rd that was a nub buck with antlers breaking the skin) My dad looked at him and told him he was on his own and didn't care of the game warden caught him and gave him a ticket. I arrived later Saturday morning with my grandfather on my dads said and they told me the story of his wonderful hunt which he was not the least bit sorry about killing 5 deer that morning. We made it very clear he would never be invited back to the ranch under any circumstance but he actually had the balls to ask my grandpa the next year if he could come back again! We explained to my step granddad who does not hunt that his friend had taken advantage of us and would never be back again but that he was welcome anytime. Lesson learned from this is make it very clear to guest they must go search for a deer anytime they shoot.
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