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So you have hunted out west? Or no? Have looked at the Exos several times, but after getting to know the Denver/Wheat Ridge guys at RMSGear and Kifaru, I️ will probably do the same thing again. And be ready to spend $900 to $1000 once you get your pockets, etc. Crazy “sport” spending a fortune to go live like a hobo in the sticks.

BUT, you do not need that kind of gear to get rolling. Especially if you are truck camping, biggest thing is boots. Everything else is just how tough you want/need to be. MANY critters still get hauled out with a Kelty Cache Hauler. I’ve hiked out two hind quarters bone in with one, worked just fine. Just way more sore when we get done.

QUOTE=popup_menace;12911829]6'3" is pretty tall, and I'd bet kifaru would put you in a 26 or 28" frame. A new top end pack will set you back anywhere between $575-$700. I bought an Exo Mountain Gear K2 3500 a while back. I absolutely love it and really like the fact that buying new means you have a great warranty backing your gear. I have hauled up to 100# on it and the pack did great. Steve and Lenny (the owners) are also super nice. I don't need boots now as you do, but boots and a pack are the two things I will not be skimping on for my first trip. Yes, it is all expensive, but I don't even want to imagine going backpacking with sub-par boots or a pack.

I am not a western hunter, just a research freak that has an elk hunting obsession. If you want to Talk about comparisons between gear attributes, just PM me and I'd be glad to tell you what I've researched in the last few months.[/QUOTE]
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