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Originally Posted by IDFWU View Post
Not that the above fellows are wrong or haven't had good luck with Costco but this is what my wife does for a living. She is not a rep or a technician (as you may see in some of these types of places), she is an AUD and not on commission.

Anyway, long story short, a majority of her patients come to her after going to the big box stores, spending 1500-2500 and not being satisfied or even hating the product, lack of service, etc. Ultimately they will buy hearing aids from in other words they had to pay twice to help 1 problem.

So take that into consideration. Also, there can be more to hearing loss than just being exposed to loud noises for an extended period of time (Cancer, Tumors, Viral Infections, etc). I'm not sure the person at Costco that just had to take a quiz to get his license from the state would be able to help you with that.

In my opinion, I'd go to an actual audiologist in a hostpital/clinic setting.
No truer words have ever been spoken. While many people have had excellent luck with Costco and hearing aid dispensers, nothing beats the skills of a licensed and trained Doctor of Audiology at a reputable institution. The technology today is constantly evolving and you want someone who stays up to date on those changes and can offer you the best service and expertise. Texas requires certain trial periods and warranties also. Please do yourself a favor and at least start at an audiologist for the proper testing and see what they have to offer for hearing aids. Testing should be covered by insurance if ordered by a physician. A hearing aid consultation will likely be considered a self-pay service but is money well spent. If $3-10K for hearing aids isn't in the cards, go to Costco but understand that customization and service will be limited.

Also, consider extended warranties that offer replacement for lost and damaged aids.
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