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They have hearing aid centers. I went through extensive testing at no cost other than the membership. The doctors (examiners) do not work on commission. They will recommend what they think you need, but they have quite a few options.
I've had mine for a little over a year now and I'm very happy with them. They fit behind the ear with a little clear tube going to the thingy that goes into the ear canal. Not noticeable at all, although I wouldn't care if they were more visible because I can hear again. I can select different modes for different situations: Normal, traffic, TV & music, party - which screens out background noise. All on my smart phone.
I paid $1,800.00, three year warranty and any adjustments that may be required are free. Just make an appointment.
My hunting partner got some several months after I got mine and there had been an upgrade, I think he paid around $2,300 for his.

Bob Lee
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