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After a late night of skinning quartering and caping the oryx. Friday morning came early. I met up with Ryan at 6am and we decide to try a different ladder stand inside the woods. After getting set up I had several fallow deer and a group of five 40-100lb hogs to come into the feeder. I held out for a shot at the largest spotted hog and the shot never presented itself. the hogs left. About an hour later 3 piglets came in with the smallest hog of the previous group. I decided to take the shot. At 25 yards the shot was perfect and the hog dropped immediantly. With the feeder cleared out I waited for an hour and noticed a large herd of rams moving across the nearby field about 400 yards away. I got down moved the hog to some shade. Grabbed my bow, camera and tripod and decided to try a stalk. around 45 minutes later and after about 600 yards I finally got in range of the majority of the herd. Two large dalls were near the back and I struggled to determine the biggest. One seemed to be much longer and wider, the other was heavier and tighter but seemed to be several inches shorter. Going with my gut I settled the 30 yard pin on the narrower heavy ram and let the arrow fly. The result was impressive to say the least. The arrow entered perfect quartering away and took out the heart and lungs. The ram went less than 10 yards and died in less than 7 seconds. The video proved to be spectacular. As I walked up to the dead ram I was amazed. The mass had completly fooled me. The ram was much longer, much wider, and much much more massive than I had thought. He measure 36" on each side and had bases that taped out at ll inches and he carries his mass throughout. Score does not make a trophy but his is quite astonishing I scored him at 141 &6/8 inches which would put him at #7 all time with a bow.

Monster Spotted Hogs

Fallow deer and piglets

My second hog of the trip

Huge 36" Texas Dall

Overall the hunt was incredible I took 5 animals in 5 settings. The sika is 2 inches from being gold medal, the oryx is just above gold medal, and the dall is over 15 inches above gold medal. This is incredable considering the inexpensive price of hunting this ranch. I was able to capture all 5 kills on video and could not have had a better time.
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