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Sorry guys for the delay. Thursday Morning was full of action as fallow hogs audad and rams came in and fed. As usually the big oryx stayed safely out of bow range by over a hundred yards. I passed on the hogs hoping the oryx would come in but to no avail.

Texas Dall

Couple of Fallows Sparing

After the morning hunt Ryan and I move 200 yards across the field to where the oryx had been feeding the evening before. We built a ground blind and would return in the evening.

I settled in the blind around 4:30 and had several whitetail does and 2 fallow bucks come to within 35 yards. Around 6:00 I saw two oryx horns coming up over the hill straight toward me. I moved lower in the blind and turned on my video camera. The oryx causously made his way to 35 yards and turned broadside. I drew and settled the pin center on his chest and released. I am not sure what happened but the arrow was way low and slightly back. Blood was immediantly visable but I knew the shot was not a good one. The oryx stopped at 70 yards in the field, I quickly nocked another arrow and settled my 60 yard pin a little high. The shot struck him low in the shoulder and with the quartering to angle looked to be perfect. We gave him 1 hours and found him about 200 yards from the second shot. He is absolutely huge. 37 1/2 inches on both sides with 7 inch bases.

37 inch oryx bull
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