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1st Morning hunt recap... I met up with Ryan this morning and headed out to a box blind at the back of the ranch. It was still dark and Ryan loaded the feeder with some corn and put some on the ground as well. I settled in and got my bow and camera set up. After about 10 minutes hogs and some other animals could be seen by the moonlight at the feeder. Light grew and I notice a few fallow deer, a red stag, and several hogs at the feeder. I wanted to shoot a hog but it was so early in the morning I held out for a while. Several big fallow bucks came in along with some whitetail does. After about 20 more minutes I could not wait any longer a nice 60 lb. hog presented a clear shot and I sent an arrow on its way. The shot was perfect and was accented by the lumenok. An oryx that I was after came in 4 times but would not commit to the feeder because of all the other animals. Ryan met up with me and we trailed the hog about 25 yards to its final resting place. The video of the hunt and kill turned out great. I will post the video when I get home this Saturday. I will be going out this weekend with hopes of the big oryx or a big sika.
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