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Got to 3 Fingers around 3pm on Friday. Wasn't scheduled to meet up with Ben until 5pm, so just checked out the town, had lunch and did my grocery shopping for the weekend. NOTE: this is a dry town, get your alcohol BEFORE you get there. Luckily my brother was a couple hours out and I was able to tell him to pick some up on his way. Crisis adverted. Anyways, met with Ben, got to the ranch and headed to the stand around 6pm. Got in the blind and not more than 15 minutes after he left I had action. Whitetail, a ton of Whitetail. Then, A Fallow buck, then another, then another. Had about 6 Fallow buck with two shooters. I was really wanting a Sika and since it was the first night I decided not to shoot the Fallow. Instead, I just watched them for a little over an hour before they left. Had a small group of hogs come in, but chose not to shoot because I saw some really big Red Stag coming in. These were the nicest red stags I have seen (in person). They came in about 15 minutes before last light, so not a lot of time. I really wasn't interested in taking one until I saw them. Man, they were nice. I decided if they gave me a good shot I was going to take one. But, light faded and I didn't get that "perfect" opportunity. So, next morning, go to a different blind hoping to get the Sika. Well, sure enough, just before light, I had animals infront of me. Was pretty sure one was a Sika, but couldn't be sure until it got lighter. Well, when it was light enough to see well, I was right, it was a Sika buck. Problem was, it just didn't look mature to me and I was feeling pretty sure he wasn't the one I was after, so I let him walk. Good news was that I could see the blackbuck in the field moving my way. So far not a bad weekend. So, I see the "ring leader" of the blackbuck on his way in. There he was, at the feeder, 24 yards away. Well, this guy kicked my butt. Shot him at about 6:45am on Saturday morning. Shot was back and I missed the lungs. Gut shot him and exited out his rear leg. Think I got too excited that I was actually going to get a shot at this guy. Well, since they like the open fields, he took off running in a huge half circle in the field, then bedded down. Rest of the herd came to check on him since he was the leader. He kept getting up and trying to make it to the other side of the field and get into the trees. Well, cut to the chase, after about 1.5 hours of stalking him through the woods in this heat I finally got to within 30 yards and put another arrow into him, this time it was perfect, quartering away, it entered just in front of his hind leg and exited out of the opposite front shoulder. He jumped up and went 10 yards before he fell over dead. I felt like falling over as well. This stalk in this heat had kicked my butt. That's when I really appreciated that phone call I had made earlier to my brother about bringing the beer. I was definitely in need of a few of those. I don't want to fail to mention either that Ben and Ryan where there the whole time helping me track and stalk this blackbuck in this 100+ degree heat. They worked their butts off for my brother and I. I've been to several "day leases" and I must say, this place by far is the best "value". What I mean is, they are one of the lowest priced places, but have some "trophy" quality animals. I was absolutely amazed the quality of animals they have at this price point. I WILL be going back. They have earned a repeat customer for life. Only downside, no lodging, but there's a hotel not that far away and allow you to bring your own trailer or even a tent.

oh yeah, and I shot a 80 pound hog. Place had good hog hunting as well. There were bigger ones, but I really wanted to shoot this one for some reason.
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