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mooney_ag 11-28-2016 12:14 PM

Colorado Bend SP Youth Hunt
Got a youth hunt next weekend for my boys. Our previous drawn hunts have been box hunts but this one is by compartment. I assume we will be able to set cup anywhere in the compartment. Only a weekend hunt. Any tips or advice for helping choosing a nice spot on these compartment style hunts? Both boys have hunters Ed; can my oldest setup by himself in the same compartment or will we all three need to stay together? I have a pop up that says it'll fit three. Also corn is allowed but must be labeled as aflatoxin less than 20 ppb. Any idea where to pick any up locally?

WinslowBoy 11-28-2016 02:25 PM

Hunted there with my 2 boys a couple of years ago. You are correct, no permanent stands. Compartment only. Most only have parking along the edges of the compartments and you need to walk in to the hunting areas. One down side from our hunt was they had multiple parties in each compartment. (I think they took up to 15 hunters and only had 6 compartments). I basically had to coordinate with another "group" on hunting locations within the compartment. Just needed to talk (via phone) every day to make sure we weren't getting too close to each other. I'm assuming it's still the same way.

Plus side is we saw deer and managed to take a doe and a small buck during the hunt. Basically just scouted the compartment and looked for "open" areas, spread a bunch of corn and set up pop up blinds. The park is EXTREMELY THICK. Our compartment was near the river and had very few open areas. Longest shot was only about 80 yards. Good thing was the deer eventually found the corn and offered us shots. We didn't see any deer at the start of the hunt but once they found our corn, they kept checking the area. The compartments near the front of the park seemed to be a little more open than the ones closer to the river.

Legally your other son can hunt by himself but sometimes the "Hunt Coordinator" wants each youth supervised. I'd give the park a call to discuss. Guys running the hunt were good guys and really helpful and friendly. They wanted the kids to be successful.

Most commercially sold corn is less than 20 ppb aflotoxin so most feedstores/Academy corn will be OK.

A really pretty park and your boys will have a good time. Best of luck.

Jwayne 11-29-2016 11:30 AM

I also was drawn for a hunt there on Dec 7,8,9th. I had a few questions myself. Was there showers in the campground? Who decides what compartments we get? If we get there early will be able find out what compartment we will be in so we can do some early scouting? Any tips for a successful hunt will be appreciated.....

WinslowBoy 11-29-2016 11:53 AM

We stayed in a hotel in Lampasas but I do not believe they have full shower facilities in the main campground. Camped there many years ago and if I remember right, they only have an outdoor "rinse off" type shower for folks who were splashing in the river.

When we were there, the staff assigned the compartments based on size and number of hunters in each party. They didn't assign until after orientation so no early scouting. They did cut us loose early on the first day (around noon) and we spent several hours walking and scouting before setting up popups and corning areas. Trails are EVERYWHERE so hard to pinpoint hot traffic areas for deer.

The staff member who showed us our compartment gave us some suggestions on areas to hunt. Specifically he pointed out the few "open" areas within the compartment. My recommendation is focus on open areas (even if they are near a road) and get corn on the ground. Most deer we saw were skirting the edge of open cover so we spread corn along the edges. Also I would pick a couple different areas in case one isn't producing. What we saw was once the deer found the corn, they kept coming back. May be worth trying scented (apple) corn to draw deer quicker.

A bunch of deer in that park. Didn't see any large bucks but should be plenty of targets available. On our hunt, every kid had an "opportunity" at deer. Unfortunately one kid missed, several couldn't get off a shot, or just passed on a smaller buck. Good luck.

Jwayne 11-29-2016 12:04 PM

Thank you for the feedback... We pulled an archery tag only so I hope we can get close enough to make it happen. And as for the apple corn... all over it. Thanks again for the tips.

doeboy11 11-29-2016 12:53 PM

I will be there 1/16-18. So any info would be great.

Jwayne 11-29-2016 01:52 PM

I will let you know how it goes for us and try to leave some for ya...lol

Sideler 11-29-2016 03:04 PM

when I'm hunting a compartment, the 1st day I will corn 3 spots. I hunt one and run cameras on the others. After the morning hunt I pull and review pics and pick evening hunt location. At this point I stop corning the spot with the least activity and pick a new spot to corn. I keep repeating until my hunt is over.

Jwayne 11-29-2016 05:05 PM

Thank you for the tips.... I am going to buy some cameras now.... Did you use this method in Colorado Bend SP or just other public hunts.

Sideler 11-29-2016 07:24 PM

Not on Colorado bend, but have used it at chaparral, enchanted rock and several day leases.

Jwayne 11-30-2016 06:31 AM

bought a camera last night and will be using this method... thanks again

cy100 11-30-2016 12:14 PM

If you can, bring a decoy and doe urine. But, don't spread urine too close to the corn. Deer scent will bring them in quicker. I know many successfully stories by using decoy on a short hunt trip, even I do not use it much myself.

My trick for this kind of short w/o pre-scouting hunt is: first, I will do a satellite map analysis at home, so I know the area briefly; after I get the assigned compartment, I will do a scouting and find out the open spot adjacent to wood and has the most deer tracks. Spread one 40lb bag of corn on a large range which I can have a clear view, few corn close to the tree line and lead them to the middle of open. No matter where you put corn, make sure I can see it. Sometimes, deer comes out later, you don't have much time to finish the job before the legal time ends. The corn will be good for few days, they cannot finish it up in one or two days, but I do bring a second bag for backup. I don't put corn at multiple spots where I cannot see all of them at one sit. The compartment assigned to us won't be very large, so put corns on multiple spots will reduce my chance. I have hunted on several different parks, so far it works and there was no need to change to another spot. Only once, I changed the spot during hunt, but it was at an animal refugee camp, baiting is not allowed.

I hunted Colorado Bent few years ago. Lots of deer, every time I was out I saw deer. But, I didn't harvest any. I let a doe go since I was waiting for big buck in the first afternoon. The second day morning, 6-7 deer were earlier than me to be my spot, so they were all gone after I sit:). But saw a deer few hundreds yards away after light, it didn't give me a chance to shoot, I pushed a deer few times in the wood while did another scouting, no chance to make a shot. Didn't see any deer during legal time in the afternoon, but almost hit a deer when I drove out not more than 100 yards from where I parked. The third day morning, a "big" buck showed up within 60 yards. **** it, I missed :(. Put scope on a high magnification and deer was too close. Of cause, I was buck fever :). I was sad and packed up 2-3 hours before noon. Again, while I drove out, a huge buck and doe were spooked along the road, not very far from where I parked. <G> I have packed my gun and ammo. After I parked and pull the rifle out, they ran into the wood. Chased them for a while, but still could not see them, but heard their movements. Don't want to run into other hunter's territory, so I finally gave up. It was not a successful hunt, but it was a very interesting trip. Won't forget it for a long time.

Jwayne 11-30-2016 12:28 PM

Wow, that sounds like you seen a lot of deer.....I hope I get a few opportunities like that. It will even be more challenging since I am limited to archery only. Do you happen to know what compartment you were in or maybe just how the compartments were split up?

cy100 11-30-2016 01:08 PM

Archery hunt would be more challenge, since you have to bring them in much more closer. I don't know how to call the compartment, it was in an area which there is a gate in the park. The road leads to the water and you can hike to a water fall as well. But, in general, close to water may be good. Well, you do archery hunt, I think close to camp site may be good for you as well. I camped in the park, the deer came to my picnic table looking for food, yards away from me, no frightening. If you are looking for big boy, you may want to go to a remote deep wood.

bigsteve 12-01-2016 12:57 PM

My grandson also got drawn for this weekend, hope to meet yall out there.
Bring rain gear !:(

KaseyinTX 12-03-2016 03:25 PM

I am not jealous of those of you that are out in this rain! We will be there at the end of the month, both my boys were drawn.

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bigsteve 12-06-2016 09:14 AM

Recap of Colorado Bend Youth Hunt
17 of the 23 hunters showed up No stand by hunters showed up.
5 young ladies hunting with their dads .
We left by noon Sunday at that time the count was 9 deer 2 bucks 7 does.
the bucks were a six point , and mooney_ag's son got a nice hill country TEN.
The TPWD Staff were great and made this an enjoyable hunt even with the rain.;)b

txseadog 12-06-2016 09:39 PM

My daughter and I hunted a ridge in Unit 2 and saw 8-10 does and 3 bucks. She passed on a couple does while setting up the pop-up on Saturday and had a buck walking in and out of the trees at the far end of the clearing that evening but he didn't give a shot opportunity. Had a really nice buck in the corn at legal Sunday morning but didn't have enough light for her to get setup before he bailed and she passed on a small 6 point a little later before shooting a 1.5 year old doe around 8:00. Hunted until 10:00 and then from 12:00 - 3:00 but only saw one other doe.

DXTroughneck 12-07-2016 08:27 AM

We set up on a draw in unit 1. By the way those deer love apple corn and are skiddish as heck of popup blinds!! We saw several deer and my boy passed on 6 different small bucks saturday evening after us seeing a big one while waiting on orentation. The first evening he shot a spike and we seen 13 deer. The next morning we saw 7 does and he shot a big doe. We went back out at noon sunday and sat till 3:30 when a 6 point walked out and he decided it might be his last chance so he took the buck. He ended up shooting three deer and another son/father duo killed 3 deer in our unit as well. It was a great hunt and the staff were pleasent as well. The deer were alot more skiddish than i would have figured but once we got the popup brushed in better it was game on.

bigsteve 12-07-2016 02:36 PM

Also in Compartment 1
Hey DX,
My grandson and I were in the front of compartment 1 , and he got a six point Saturday evening. Glad to hear yall did so good back in the back, sense we never saw yall after orentation.

mooney_ag 12-07-2016 03:41 PM

I can't say enough good things about the park, the staff, and the hunt. It doesn't hurt to have had both of my boys score a buck. We are all still pumped from our experience. Short of each of their first deer kills/hunts; this is the best hunt I can remember. I know these were state park deer. but it was a challenging and rewarding hunt. We were the last to leave sunday night and when we checked out they were 1 deer shy of 100%; their best record for a youth hunt. Looks like unit 1 picked up some slack.

First off, the park was huge. It took 15 minutes to drive from the front gate down to the river and campground areas. We drew unit 5 along with two other youth and their dads. We were told it was 1,000 acres. The cover was thick with quite a few elevation changes. We are already planning for a trip back in the summer to explore the trails and caves and fish. Will definitely apply for draw again next year.

The staff was top notch - friendly and very accommodating. They answered questions helped us with some directions and even provided chili for everyone on Saturday evening after the hunt. We were able to visit with the staff and make some new friends.

The hunt - It was great to scout and set-up over some hand thrown corn as opposed to permanent blinds and feeders like we do normally. Great educational experience for my boys on the art of hunting. We found trails rubs, and two scrapes jumped a buck bedded down. Well they show you the compartment from the main road and give you a couple starting/parking spots to consider. Looking at the satellite map they gave us I picked two open looking areas for us to hit. We followed a trail for a half a mile and then went uphill into the thick and boy was it thick. No good place to really set up and definitely no lanes. We never found that open area I was looking for. By now it was 1600 hrs and no staked out spot until we junped a buck. A little further in and we found a nice area with some sign and trails and two small shooting lanes. It was still thick. Set up a pop up, threw out some corn, and flagged a way back down to the trail. My oldest boy got this spot. While my youngest and I went back down to pick up the trail. With daylight fading quickly we setup along the trail close to some crossings and tracks we had seen walking in. We saw two deer out of this spot that darted across the trail that evening and nothing the next morning. Nothing had touched our corn along the trail the entire time we were there. My oldest shot a 10 pt the first evening. Told me he never gave the buck a chance at getting away. The next morning he saw three more bucks and a doe at that spot and the doe never presented a clean shot. After the morning hunt we packed up the blind on the trail and searched for a better spot at the second open area I was looking for. We found a spot with great sign for both deer and hogs. Set up and corned to prep for the evening. My youngest decided to hunt his brothers spot and with some intel and advice from older brother took an 8 pt. At the new spot, my oldest saw a massive 10 pt., spike, doe and a hog. He could hear more hogs rooting in the brush but never saw them. Had a 25 min stare down with the 10pt that knew that pop up wasn't supposed to be there. Said he didn't feel like gutting the spike at dark and the doe and hog were briskly skirting the brush.

Big Steve, It was nice to meet you and to put a face with a name.

Sea dog & DXT, sorry we missed each other.



doeboy11 12-08-2016 09:05 AM

Good for the youth hunters. Now if the does can survive to next month.

KaseyinTX 12-21-2016 06:15 PM

Both of my boys were drawn too for the hunt next week. We had assumed they each got a spot (this is our first draw hunt) but then started wondering if they had to hunt together with the adult listed on their entry.

You clearly had two spots, correct? Did you have an adult with them the entire time? My husband doesn't know if he will be able to make the first day so if may just be me and the boys.

Thanks and congratulations to your sons!

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bossbowman 12-21-2016 08:18 PM

Been putting in for this place on the adult side for 15 d@mn years and still not been drawn.

mooney_ag 12-25-2016 07:51 PM


Originally Posted by KaseyinTX (Post 12035000)
Both of my boys were drawn too for the hunt next week. We had assumed they each got a spot (this is our first draw hunt) but then started wondering if they had to hunt together with the adult listed on their entry.

You clearly had two spots, correct? Did you have an adult with them the entire time? My husband doesn't know if he will be able to make the first day so if may just be me and the boys.

Thanks and congratulations to your sons!

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Pm sent. Hope y'all have a great time

KaseyinTX 12-30-2016 10:33 PM



Just finished up our first public hunt and couldn't be happier. My boys have only bowhunted so this was a great experience to get to see the other side of hunting.

My husband and I each took a son and there were two additional youth in our compartment. We were assigned compartment 2. I think there were around 20-25 kids there. I'm not sure how many deer were taken, but they did mention that only two small bucks and a spike were brought in by the second day.

It was such a different strategy when you only have one full day and two half days to hunt! We ended up with two does and an aoudad. My sons were thrilled. It was a great family memory! All of us had a great time!

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doeboy11 01-19-2017 11:03 AM

I just got back from there. I was in Compartment 1 with 3 other guys. The first night I took a 3.5 67lb doe and one of the other guys in my compartment took a 5.5 68lbs doe. The next day I had a check engine light on so I only hunted until 8 and ran to town but I saw 6 deer. That night I shot a 2.5 61lb doe. When I was checking her in a guy from 5 came in and he had shot 10 spanish goats with 9 bullets. The reason he didn't shoot more was he was out of ammo. A guy from 2 brought in a 7.5+ 58lb doe and an Audad ewe. Next morning my truck wouldn't start and when I finally got it started I just packed up and went home but I saw 7 deer in my area as I was passing. Total animals as of 10:00 Wednesday morning:

4 does
1 Audad
11 Goats
3 Pigs

TXOUTLAW 01-19-2017 03:33 PM

Good deal, thanks

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