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BowCrazy 09-14-2018 08:47 PM

Anyone used No Plow
Anyone ever used some of the No Plow type feed plot products.
Which brand did you use and what were your results?

Sideler 09-14-2018 09:03 PM

In for results.

AlaskaFlyerFan 09-14-2018 09:13 PM

It doesn't No here so I don't have a use for a No Plow.


Sorry, couldn't resist.

Dudley 09-14-2018 09:16 PM

Read the ingredients. Most are 95% ryegrass. The ryegrass will sprout and grow just fine, but its really not a deer food.
You can no-till by broadcasting small seeds like clover on bare soil and letting the rain help to cover it with soil. Works pretty good if you get a hard rain, or enough rain to cause puddling.

brokeno 09-14-2018 09:17 PM

Most of it is just rye grass. You can buy a 50 lb bag of rye grass at Tsc for $42.99.

BowCrazy 09-14-2018 09:40 PM

If I put out oats and wheat they need to be covered right?

How long before they come up?

brokeno 09-14-2018 09:45 PM

Oats and wheat need to be covered. Depends on the moisture and depth planted how soon they will come up. I've seem them come up under the right conditions in less than a week.

BowCrazy 09-14-2018 09:50 PM

Thanks for the help got some info from another thread.

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