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hpdrifter 04-07-2019 08:37 PM

Lost my brother, my hunting and fishing partner
He and I started bowhunting in 1968. We'd go every weekend in October.

We hardly killed anything, but the romance of it all made it worth it.
Had many encounters but no blood was usually drawn.
Finally killed a few doe and a couple of small basket racks....and couldn't have been happier.

Days were before real climbing stands; we used blocks of 2X4's nailed to the tree trunks and stood on limbs. We had a plot of COE's land practically to ourselves for years.

Sometimes we'd hunt close to one another and use crow calls for simple communication.

Anyway, lots of memories floating thru the head right now.

We haven't hunted together in many, many years but it seems just like yesterday.

Enjoy you time outdoors with friends and family....you never know when it might end.

jrfan 04-07-2019 08:39 PM

Sorry for your loss and prayers sent
For your family.

Rubi513 04-07-2019 08:40 PM

So sorry for your loss.
Prayers for you and loved ones.

flywise 04-07-2019 08:41 PM

Prayers up

sandbill 04-07-2019 08:47 PM

That's got to be tough. I hope y'all have the old fashioned photo albums to look back at.

Pineywoods 04-07-2019 08:48 PM

So sorry... prayers for you and your family.

Smart 04-07-2019 08:51 PM

Sorry to hear that HP.....God Bless you all..

MadHatter 04-07-2019 08:54 PM

Lost my younger brother 19 yrs ago to the day. I know the feeling all too well.
Looking at his tombstone earlier, and the picture on it, of him with the last buck he ever shot. Brought back a lot of tears and memories.
I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Fishndude 04-07-2019 08:55 PM

I’m sorry!! God bless him, his family and friends.

DUKFVR 04-07-2019 08:58 PM

Prayers Up. God Bless.

WRasco 04-07-2019 09:00 PM

Lost my brother February 2018, first year hole is the worst.
Sorry for your loss and prayers up for you and your family.

matchejm 04-07-2019 09:04 PM

Prayers sent

hpdrifter 04-07-2019 09:05 PM

Thanks guys.

I'll be re-living old hunts for a few weeks to come.

HotRod Hunter 04-07-2019 09:06 PM

Prayers Sent

White Falcon 04-07-2019 09:09 PM

Sorry for your loss!

SV72 04-07-2019 09:11 PM

Sorry for your loss, sir. I know that I have similar memories and can definitely relate. God bless your family.

T-roy66 04-07-2019 09:12 PM

Prayers Sent.
Sorry for your loss

Pedernal 04-07-2019 09:21 PM

Prayers up for you and your family

sierracharlie338 04-07-2019 09:42 PM

Remember the good times. Prayers for the family

Sierracharlie out…

Acameron52 04-07-2019 09:45 PM

Sorry brother.

brokeno 04-07-2019 09:47 PM

Lost my older brother back in October. Spent a lot of hours hunting and fishing with him when i was young. Still when I see a great deer or get one on camera I think I'm going to send him a picture. Went fishing last week and he always knew where the fish were so that was different too. Remember the good times and cherish every moment. At least my brother saw his grandson born a week before he passed with a heart attack working in his garden which he loved doing. His daughter is having a really tough time and could use some prayers. I know it's tough losing a brother prayers for you and remember the good times y'all had. Praying for comfort and peace for you.

Jen-Man 04-07-2019 10:11 PM

Prayers sent.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

mzurovec 04-07-2019 10:12 PM

Very sorry for your loss. I very rarely have nightmares, and as weird as it sounds, some of the worst have been about losing my brother. We're in our early 30s, but it is a bond that is so common and yet so unique that I hope we have many more years left to go. God bless you and yours.

TxMedic 04-07-2019 10:12 PM

So sorry to hear. Prayers sent.

Mertzon Man 04-07-2019 10:28 PM

Prayers sent for you and your family.

mpotts 04-07-2019 10:36 PM

prayers up for your family

rjtkdplus 04-07-2019 10:36 PM

Sorry for your loss. Prayer sent.

NotJose 04-07-2019 10:48 PM

Sorry for your loss. RIP

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

LukeDuke 04-07-2019 10:50 PM

So sorry for your loss, thanks for sharing the great memories...

CassCounty 04-07-2019 10:56 PM

Sorry for your loss! Praying for you now!

HoustonR6ryda 04-07-2019 10:58 PM

my condolences,the men I spent time with in the woods and the water are the ones that seem to hurt the most when they passed and I feel this for you,when I read this..time will lessen the sting

TP3 04-07-2019 11:03 PM

Sorry for your loss friend.

El Viejo 04-07-2019 11:25 PM

I'm sorry for your loss. You will be in my prayers.

Tbuddyandroby 04-07-2019 11:36 PM

So sorry for your loss; prayers sent up!

MarkS 04-07-2019 11:40 PM

Prayers up. Your sure right. Love’em hard

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low_tec 04-08-2019 12:12 AM

Prayers for you and your families

NAVY CHIEF 04-08-2019 12:37 AM

So sorry for your loss

Lefty5 04-08-2019 01:07 AM

Down on both knees prayers being sent to you and the family

Louis 04-08-2019 02:21 AM

So sorry for ur loss. Prayers up for all

17ncs 04-08-2019 02:30 AM

Prayers sent.

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