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Bill in San Jose
03-04-2007, 12:10 PM
I got tired of adjusting my bow on the ground when I was broadhead tuning my bow, or dragging a popup table to the range. I built this out of a piece of scrap 4x12, 4 feet long we had on the construction wood pile (guys in the club who are contractors periodically fill up the rack with left-overs from a job site so we have ample material to build things).


Nothing fancy, built cross braces and legs out of pressure treated 4x4 posts and carriage bolts. I did route 2 little 'trays' on the top with grooves so water could flow out. When there a screws, tools, etc. they don't fall off as easily into the dirt. I put about 5 coats of tung oil finish on it, soaking it into the wood, somebody told me that would help preserve it in the sun and rain.

I picked up an inexpensive rubber-coated bow holder meant for a tree stand and bolted it down. While it's not what I'd want on a tuning table indoors, this was cheap enough to leave outdoors in a county park and not worry it would rust or get stolen. Only problem is my Matthews shooting friends can't fit their bows in with the string silencers.

Note the Pepsi can, county park and no beer allowed, even on a sunny day!


Last thing I did was weld an old allen wrench to a cable, and put a heavy coating of rust-proof primer on it, we'll see how long it lasts. Somebody got their hands on a dozen park benches that the school district was throwing out, and while they may not be 'good enough' for the highschool, they were welcome on the range to sit or put bow cases, etc. on.

Here's the table on the range. The bow rack is 30 yards from the front end of the railroad ties in the broadhead sand pit. We try to keep an old 3d target down there, which it's great to see fall apart into smaller pieces every year- it means guys are wacking it apart with broadheads, which in CA means guys are hunting!! We have the broadhead pit located between 2 range targets in a field (the rest of the 32 traget course is in the hills behind), so obviously nobody shoots broadheads when somebody is shooting those bale targets.

Hard to read, the sign says "The elk is not a target". Years ago somebody decided to paint a great elk picture on the wooden back stop behind the sand pit.


03-04-2007, 01:47 PM
Nice job, Bill.

05-28-2007, 08:46 PM