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02-12-2007, 03:56 PM
Has anyone been to Cougar Run II lately? Any reports?

02-12-2007, 04:57 PM
DEFINITLY Do your homework on here first.

02-13-2007, 01:32 PM
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03-30-2007, 12:42 PM
We are going to to Cougar Run Ranch 2 this weekend so I will let you know how it is. I have been there a lot and the last few times its been getting better. Its not the best place in the world but its good to just take a couple buddies and go hang out.

04-04-2007, 03:05 PM
We went there this past Sunday and it was horrible. We saw pigs first thing in the morning and that was it. The normal ranch manager Johnny left and there was a different guy working there. He told us there was only about 40 pigs on the whole place. No one shot anything. When Johnny came back we talked to him and he said he would talk to Hal and get something set up to make it right with us. Hal sent us each a free hunt. So I cant say he didnt try to make it up to us but I will say this weekend was one of the worst hunting trips I have had.