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01-07-2007, 07:24 PM
I was busted by a small bobcat while rabbit hunting. We had a long standoff at 20 yards with alot of brush between us.The wait was too much for me & I took a small step to see if I could make him take a few steps into the open for a clear shot. No dice. He took off like a shot. Well after looking around for him in the brush I put my broadhead back in the quiver & went back to rabbit hunting with a field point( too much brush for my judo points). Well about 1 & 1/2 hours later I jumped another rabbit & it ran into a bunch of brush about 60 or 70 yards away. Trying to be as quiet as possible I crept along the treeline everynow & then hearing some rustling in the brush ( thinking it was still the rabbit). When I got to about 40 yards I could see the bobcat had seen the same rabbit that I had jumped into the brush & it was him that had been making the rustling noise. Well I changed back to the only Broadhead in my back quiver, and I really slowed down now . Trying to be quieter than I ever have been,I crept about 25-28 yards closer, but it took me nearly 20 minutes. Being otherwise occupied with the rabbit he was trying to get out from under the log he never noticed me & although the shot was slighter farther back then I liked, he didn't make it 10 yards from the hit. After I snuck up to him ( making sure he was dead & not just playing possum) I found 3 or 4 other rabbits that had been killed & covered up by either this cat or another. Isn't it eerie how proficient these little cats are at killing . I know I learned a good lesson that day & I will be alot more patient& slow & hopefully quieter in the woods in the future. One more thing that I must say is that this is my first kill ( other than rabbits , squirrels , birds on the ground or low hanging limbs) with a wooden arrow. & not to sound to cliche but it was a magical moment & my hoyt will probably loose out when it comes to deer season next year. No other feeling like that feeling .......Indian style. well having trouble getting the picture to post . any help will be appreciated

01-08-2007, 11:16 AM
email me the pics... 4labs2@suddenlink.net