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Steve W
11-27-2006, 09:27 PM
hope someone else can use this also.
i'm always TWEAKING something, but with only a few bows to play with a bow press is not a priority ($350+). i have a bowmaster portable press and it works great for my needs, but having a stable platform to work on the bow I was lacking. A thought and a piece of paper and pencil can get anything done.
sorry i did not take pictures in process, but this was a thought and a few hours to spare.
really just winged it and turned out with something very usable.


items needed..
1- 2x8x25"--already had one. 8-9 buck for 6 footer
1- 2x6x6---6.95
2- boat reciever rollers 4"---3.95 each -Acadamy
2- 1/2"x6" lag bolts--- 1.50 each
4- 1/2" flat washers---.45 each
2- 1/2" washers---.25 each
2- 1/2" wingnuts---.56 each
2- 45 degree 2x6 hangers---- 2.95 each

28-30 bucks give or take.


skill saw (circular saw)
speed square
1/8" drill bit
1/2" drill bit
screw driver attachment
dozen 1" sheetrock screws
stain and paint if wanted.

take the 2x6 and make the first cut at a 45 degree angle. save this piece as it will become a center brace.
measure up 25" and mark. cut at 45 so that the long length is 25". for longer than 34 Axil to Axil you might want to adjust your length of the board to more.
I measured 5" on that 45 and cut another 45 (should be a little triangle cut off) to square up the ends to each other. should look like this on both ends.


did the same on the other ends just to get rid of pointie edges.

find center on the 25" 2x8 and mark.
attach the joist holders to each arm.

at the center line of the 2x8 attach the legs but do so closer to the back side of the 2x8 so that when the bow is on the holder it's center of gravity is over the middle of the 2x8.
in the pics you can see where i adjusted balance.(screw holes showing on 2x8)
take the first cut off 45 degree piece and made it the brace. NOTE: put the piece in place and pre-drill the holes for the screws. this will keep it from spliting. do not extreme tighten or it will split anyways.


i then found the center line of the 2x6 arms and drew a line down the center length of each armboard.
2" from the top draw a horizonal line useing the speed square.

back side view


for my wifes Micro Adrenalin i needed to be around 25" apart on the holes
but for my Q2 i needed 31"
what i found is that now i can adjust from 25 to 31 and fit several different bows by haveing these six holes.
bottom ones are the 25" apart 3" down the center line from top.
top outside are 31" apart
(top 2 inside holes are there because thats where the lines intersected and it just looked important!) LOL

drilled the holes at the marks.
inserted the bolts with a double washer rig on the roller wood meeting. 4 washers per bolt. 1-roller-2-wood-1-wingnut

i stained the wood just so it would match the room. painted the galvenized joist holders flat black just cause it looked better.
ended up with this!


not sure how many others do their own peeps, serving, string silencers or other bow needs, but this will hold it steady and let you use the portable press alot easier!! works for me. :D


for holding the bow only!

11-27-2006, 10:47 PM
All you need is a cupholder on that thing (insulated of course)! Looks good Steve. I just use Jake, Jonathon, Josh, or Jeffrey for my bow holder. But if they ever get too old to hang around with Dad.....

Dusty Britches
11-28-2006, 06:56 AM
That is one very useful idea, Steve. I'm going to copy this and work on it after I get my deer this year.

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could you repost the pics so i can see it?