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11-18-2011, 11:36 AM
The weather made it tough for us this year. I have a old roommate that has some family land in MO that I get to go hunt ever year. The area is not known for large horns but this property is a pretty big and has about 200ac of soy beans planted every year so holds bigger than most for the area. Opening morning was good weather but did not get there in time Friday to set up a stand where I wanted so I just watched a large bean field to scout that morning. That was the only good weather hunt we had the whole trip. After that the wind picked up to 15-30 for the next 3 days and was very warm. I was still seeing deer just nothing in bow range or too small to shoot.

Every morning I would walk back to the house using the same trail and would spook deer in the same area. So the next morning I got pushed out of my stand by the neighbors cutting down trees 100yrds away so I decided to walk that trail VERRY SLOWLY (take 2 steps and glass). Well while doing this I see a nice buck stand up about 90yrds away stretch and lay back down. I can see that he is with a doe also. There was a fallen tree about 5 yards from were they were lying between me and them. I also had about a 15mh wind straight in my face and the trail came within about 30 yards of them. So I started crawling towards them very slowly and get to about 30 yards without them knowing I am there. I knock an arrow and get ready for him to stand up. I wait for about 10min and he stands.

I could not have script it any better he is quartered away from me with his head behind a tree and I have a clear shot of the rest of his body. I draw back and let it fly, perfect shot (in just behind one shoulder and out just in front of the other. He jumps forward about 10 yards and looks around wondering what the hell that was. I can see blood coming out like crazy and after about 20-30 seconds he falls. When he falls over the doe stands up and I try to knock another arrow to shoot her but she bust me and runs off (funny that it took him falling to the ground for her to stand not me stalking, drawing and shooting my bow).
Well not the biggest buck but an above average representative for the area. He weighed 190lb on the hoof and I am happy.

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Very nice buck! Congrats.

The Real McCoy
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congrats nice buck

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congrats on the spot and stalk!!!

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gettin it done!

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Good deal! Congrats on the success

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Congrats. Nice deer

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That's a good deer. It was windy and warm the first four days of rifle season. But it is some pretty country to hunt.

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Way to go on a nice buck Bub. And to get it done by spot and stalk.........even better!!!!

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Way to go !

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Nice buck, congrats.

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Good work!

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Congrats! Nice buck!

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Now that is a hunt! Thanks for sharing man.

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