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10-15-2007, 07:11 AM
Just got back from Lincoln Ranch. Encinal,Tx. The mornings were cool and evenings were hot, hot, hot. Had 11 people from work go, no one really saw any shooter bucks. The guys hunting around the protein feeders and food plots saw a little more action. The facillities at the ranch are very comfortable, clean and relaxing. The 20 mile gravel road leading to the ranch from 59 is a pain in the butt. Glad I didnt take my truck and rode with 3 other hunters. If you dont have any rattles in your truck yet, you will after this trip.
Going this early we thought that maybe the deer would not have been subjected to too much hunting pressure. The deer are very hunter educated. We hunted in both tripods and popups. Be sure you brush in the popups good. I havnt been on a day lease in about 10 yrs. This hunt brought back memories why I stopped going. Over all I would rate it about a 7, I'm sure hunting in mid Dec, around the rut, would yield lots more action. But I'll be on my lease. We hunted fri - sun, killed 1 hog and 1 doe.

We saw several good rubs in the windmill pasture, set up on them, never saw anything other than a few does. There is a good management buck in the root plow pasture, down at the protien feeder. The hunter saw it everyday, but couldnt get a shot. Its re3ally green down there, maybe by Dec the deer with start moving more looking for food. We corned roads and trails, but just not any action. This is the first time hunting this ranch so I cant really say it hunted out, but I ve hunted south texas for yrs and corning the roads works, just didnt on this ranch, If I ever go again, it will be mid- Dec. hey did kill a nice 137 inch buck opening week-end, so I know they have some good buck there. I believe they only move at night to avoid all the traffic of hunters moving blinds and tri-pods. Good luck.

The ranch manager is super nice and will give you all the info you ask for.

10-15-2007, 05:26 PM
Don't give up on the lincoln, I hunted there three years in a row and never shot a deer but I saw some big bucks(150+) that made me keep going back. There are plenty of pigs and javeilna to keep you busy.

11-05-2007, 06:36 AM
Me and my buddy Chris just came back on the 3rd of October after hunting opening weekend. We got there and immediately noticed how well the place was set up. The lodging was nice and the main room and kitchen areas were great. Chris (Ranch Foreman) and Kark Dickinson were both very helpful and good people to talk to.

By the time we got there, I suppose everybody had picked out the good pastures so we ended up hunting on the Root Plow Pasture (farthest one out it seemed). Like idiots, we were thinking since it was hot, it would be the best idea to hunt the water holes. We were wrong! Not one thing was seen at the water holes in the Root Plow Pasture. After wasting a day and half (we were there for 3) and figuring out that it was a bad idea, we drove around and saw alot of tracks on the main roads and senderos. So, we got our double bull blinds and set up downwind (wind was usually and always blowing South East) in the brush about 15 yards or so and corned the heck out of the road.

First evening on the second day, I saw a couple of does and 2 fawns that were already on their own. My buddy saw pretty much the same activity (he was hunting about half a mile down on the sendero) and some small bucks came out also. It seems they were all coming the the north end corner where the protein feeder was at.

Third day in the morning, saw the same does come out and eat the corn right up. Later in the morning saw the same fawns also!! Then...a huge buck (which I thought would score 150 plus) came out and while I was getting my release clicked on my loop, he heard me and snorted and stomped his hoof and bam...he was gone in the brush. I was so ****** off!!!! He was easily recognized because on his left main beam, he had a fork almost. My buddy had the same activity and saw two huge hogs..but just would not come in range of his bow. Later that evening (last hunt) had a doe come out (real big and mature doe) about 20 yards in front of me..but she was a little nervous. I was going to shoot her..but I let her go because it was the last hunt and I was hopeful that that buck would come out again. Well, he did! he came out about 20 minutes till dark. I was set up in between two small mesquites and my blind was brushed in real good!!...but that all went out the window because this buck would not step out of in front of the mesquite tree I was behind in order for me to get a clear shot. I remember being at full draw for almost 30 seconds three times because he would eat corn and look tup and walk down..then he would back up and then eat again...and walk back down. It was weird I thought...but thats hunting.

Well, I checked the website...and I saw the CJ (who was there with us when were hunting earlier in the month) killed the the same buck I had seen and come to full draw on. The hook is there on the left main beam and everything!!!! I had also got alot of advise from CJ..it seems he had a lot of good advise to give my buddy and I. He has been hunting there for over 10 years I think. He knows his stuff. It was a good deer (although it didnt score what I thought it was would score when I saw him). I had called to ask Mr. Dickinson what pasture CJ hunted him..and he couldnt remember.

There was another guy there named Johnny. He had seen that same buck (the one he shot thats on the website)for 3 days in a row. He was battling back and forth on whether to shoot that deer because he knew that his score would be border line. He would show us his camcorder of the buck two nights in a row that he had filmed while in his blind. Well, after checking the website...I guess he shot the night we had left. He scored 137...GOOD JOB JOHNNY. He began to tell us that he had been hunting there year after year..but never shot anything. Well, this year he got a really good one. Thanks for giving me some cigarettes Johnny. I had run out and really didnt feel like driving an hour into town to get some.

So...brush in your blind in good. Use the wind to your advantage. Corn the senderos and make sure that if you are going to shoot a buck, that in your mind it scores above 130 inches or that its a mature deer..because the 500 dollar or 1k fine will hurt you.

11-08-2007, 12:39 AM
"because the 500 dollar or 1k fine will hurt you"

I can imagine Joe.