View Full Version : Boazmans Exotic hunt

09-27-2007, 08:33 PM
We arrived at the ranch Friday just after lunch and began to settle in the camphouse for the weekend to come. We met up with our guide Caleb Hill and began to put some sort of strategy together. doug was in Mexico dove hunting so we actually never met him all weekend. Caled did what he could but he had only been in the ranch 2 days himself so I didn't expect much. we took our tour and everyone picked there spots and we all brushed in our pop ups.
Fridays hunt came quickly and we all were seeing animals. I had a huge corsican and a nice audad come in to bow range. I was after an axis or blackbuck so I held back. As the hunt progressed the animals moved out. I could see some whitetails down the road and a few hogs. Hoping they would come in to range I prepared but no luck. My fried also seen the same rams and a few audads and ended up shooting a small sow at last light. The other hunter seen nothing
Saturday morning only 2 of us hunted. Whitetails were everywhere and I finally had some audad come in. QAfter eating most of the corn they left. Just when i was giving up some blackbuck does were coming down the road, only to turn to the field about 40 yards away.
i decided to move my pop up down the road to where I saw the pigs the night before. On the way to the field we jumped a HUGE sika and fallow. Only to never see them again the rest of the weekend.
Satursdays hunt found me lonesome. I did not see an animal the entire hunt untill last light. The pigs came from my left and I was going to wait untill they got completely in front of me to shoot. After i realized they were moving to slow and it wouldbe completely dark soon I moved to take a shot to my left. I don't know if it was me of the coyotes that started but the pigs left nothing but a cloud of dust. Empty handed again. The same hunter shot another pig this night again right at dark. The other hunter seen nothing
After being shut out I realized I would take an audad being they have been everywhere all weekend. well naturally sunday morning rolled around and there was nothing to be seen. I saw 2 130 class bucks feed right in front of us all morning.Other than that the hunt was offically over.

All in all we had a good hunt. For the hogs i think if you get the moon right you can get one fairly easily. As for the exotics, if you like goats this is a good place. I can't help with the other stuff because we never seen anything while hunting. We are planning a return trip but I believe I'm going for hogs only. After Caleb is there awhile he probably could help a bunch, but for now its pretty much hit or miss. I realize it is a day lease so I'm not too dissappointed