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  1. can't stand donald trump
  2. Political Buttons
  3. Donald Trump
  4. Is Trump a Hack?
  5. Trump vs Carson: Gun Control
  6. Cruz vs Rubio
  7. The People Vs. OJ Simpson
  8. Texas newspaper plans to publish names, addresses of police officers
  9. Did Bill Lewinsky call Bernie Sanders a "sexist"
  10. New Hampshire Primary Results Today
  11. OK Republicans, Question...
  12. And now, a word from our lobbyist
  13. High School Video
  14. Hillary Hillary Hillary
  15. My 1st and maybe only political post.....
  16. Have ya'll seen this?
  17. Question for Someone who Understand the Law
  18. LIVE call from Oregon refuge.
  19. FBI siege brewing in Oregon right now, live call.
  20. FBI siege brewing in Oregon right now, live call.
  21. Sandra Bland's mother to campaign with Hillary
  22. LaVoy Finicum shooting: What happened when
  23. CBC endorses Hillary
  24. Heads Up for Health Ins Premium Increases
  25. DOJ sues Ferguson
  26. dem debate
  27. Hillary for Prison 2016
  28. Al Sharpton as Bernie Sander's Attorney General?
  29. Oopsie...
  30. What will you do when your union endorses they next democrat?
  31. Feds push new plan for home visits to check on parents
  32. If you like the movie "Office Space" and dislike Hillary, watch this!
  33. Future letter from a socialist to President Trump.
  34. Welcome to Hope and Change
  35. Drunk Neighbor Donald Trump
  36. Glenn Beck
  37. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Talks to Young Voters
  38. The story of Ted Cruz
  39. Democrats Will Do Any Thing To Raise Taxes
  40. Supreme Court Justice death.
  41. US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead at age 79...
  42. Anyone know what was on SCOTUS' agenda in 2016?
  43. supreme court judge Scalia dead.
  44. I guess tinfoil is all sold out, huh?
  45. Tonight's GOP Debate - Embarrassing?
  46. APD vs ProntoDavidJ
  47. Trump says
  48. Ooooh Rubioooooo.... tsk tsk
  49. Illegal immigration and the conservative brand
  50. Distorting a wounded combat veterans face in dirty campaign
  51. Elections are like dating
  52. Sowell endorses Ted Cruz
  53. I dont care who you are voting for.....
  54. Trump buys Jebbush.com
  55. China sends surface-to-air missiles to contested island
  56. Here it comes-Already bending over
  57. Apple fights order to unlock San Bernadino shooters IPhone
  58. Is it a dog?
  59. Please clap...
  60. Explosion near US Embassy in Turkey
  61. Will Barry attend the Judges funeral??
  62. 5th court of appeals primary
  63. Who Let The Dogs Out.........
  64. CNN Town Hall
  65. Ted Cruz lies, decieves then wants to pray
  66. Legal question re: primary delegates
  67. RR Commissioner
  68. Bernie Singles
  69. Nurses' Union Endorses Sanders
  70. Get ready for Hillary!
  71. Who do you have in the other races on the ballot?
  72. Jeb folds his tent....
  73. "Bernie"... in case you hadn't heard.
  74. Michigan - 6 dead, 2 injured????
  75. D's & R's Agree
  76. Bracken: What I Saw At The Coup
  77. Trump Supporters
  78. What would be the penalty for
  79. Interesting news report, channel 12, beaumont tx
  80. Rubio, the gang of 8 and ICE rep
  81. Soooo, Kasich is done
  82. The fear of not being conservative
  83. Candidates Report cards
  84. Texas proposition's
  85. SCOTUS nomination: Thanks Joe
  86. Cruz to communications director... you're fired
  87. Syrian Ceasefire.
  88. 56% of Americans want vote on SCOTUS nominee
  89. Trump is beginning to look unstoppable
  90. Liberal tears...
  91. Cruz, Rubio, Univision
  92. Trump has Michael Berry losing his mind lol
  93. Rubio skipping CPAC
  94. Time to Ctrl/Alt/Del
  95. Public Lands
  96. Nevada Caucus tonight
  97. Abbott endorses Cruz
  98. Isidewith.com
  99. HRC video.
  100. Campus carry idiots
  101. Scalia's death as detailed by Presidio County Sherriff
  102. Trump to Testify in Fraud Case Against Him
  103. Who Wins the General Election
  104. So much for home field advantage
  105. David Duke: Voting against Trump is 'treason to your heritage'
  106. Pelosi interview on Senate comments for Justice Appt
  107. Rubio's ICE/Gang of 8 troubles worsen
  108. Gov. Abbott pees off the atheists
  109. CNN GOP Debate
  110. Wow, Lindsey Graham lays into the GOP candidates
  111. The sheepdog
  112. John Kerry: "he's shouldn't be doing that..."
  113. Had lunch yet?
  114. If Trump gets enough delegates?
  115. The true answer
  116. Militarized police
  117. That seals the deal for me. Thank you Al Sharpton
  118. Who do you want to be President and why?
  119. Ted Cruz on Hannity tonight
  120. Rubio accuses Trump of not spelling correctly, but...
  121. Art of the Trump
  122. What is a "brokered convention"?
  123. Come On Super Tuesday!!
  124. Why does Trump...?
  125. Rubio supporters
  126. Cruz claims the NY Times has a tape of Trump denying he will not secure the border
  127. Are the dems bickering like us between the wicked witch & socialist??
  128. Rubio gets down on Trumps level
  129. What do y'all think about....
  130. Cruz hates farmers
  131. 3/1/2016 Voted today
  132. And they wonder why the ground swell against them.
  133. Reported vote switching...again
  134. Donald Trump: Draft Dodger?
  135. Texas primary results
  136. Super Tuesday...the day after??
  137. 8 months early. Told you so..
  138. The GOP scorched earth plan
  139. The BLM back after Bundy's cattle.
  140. Looks like Carson is bowing out....
  141. Question about Party
  142. top border chief to CBP agents
  143. This guy gets it- social justice vs inalienable rights
  144. Romney "big" announcement tomorrow
  145. I've got my popcorn ready, the train wreck begins shortly.
  146. Why aren't we talking about
  147. Kelley vs. Trumph Round 2
  148. Mitt Romney
  149. North Korea going Nuclear?
  150. Hmmm I wonder is it possible?
  151. Clinton crime family
  152. Debate
  153. Looks Like Even The Travis County GOP Chair
  154. Little Marco
  155. Maryland law proposes to ban BB guns
  156. Question for Trumpkins
  157. Trump settles lawsuit
  158. Love Michelle Malkin
  159. Trump and Muslims
  160. March 5 states - KS/KY/LA/ME
  161. CRUZ on the Rise
  162. Are you a federalist or a confederate?
  163. Nancy Reagan Dies At 94............
  164. I've Changed Candidates
  165. Would you be okay with 0% corporate tax rate if..
  166. Trump's son on my daughters Twitter feed!
  167. Trump Releases his 2nd Amendment Plan
  168. Bernie Sanders is going to kill this country, given a chance
  169. Interesting....international hacker extradited to US
  170. Who will not vote for Trump in November
  171. March 8 Primaries
  172. GOP secretive meeting Tech CEOs/top republicans
  173. Trump still rising
  174. Interesting developments in LaVoy Finicum shooting.
  175. So you still won't vote for Trump...
  176. Time to Clean Up Political Forum
  177. Democratic Debate
  178. Border, Treason accusations
  179. Cruz was right.
  180. How Militarized is your county Police force?
  181. Left Leaning Forums?
  182. Yup that will win them over Cruz
  183. Ben Carson Endorses Trump!!
  184. Wounded Warriors Execs Fired !!!!
  185. 78 yr old sucker punches protestor @ Trump rally
  186. War hero vs war criminal
  187. Tick Tock Rubio
  188. Well, there goes Cruz's "Trump" card
  189. Trump allowed protesters to shut him down
  190. Bern to ban trucks
  191. Opinions on this video
  192. Interesting podcast on American Community and its organizational effects
  193. SS rush trump to protect
  194. Trump divisive. ....
  195. Cruz wins Wyoming Caucus
  196. Found the Perfect Presidential Candidate.
  197. Justice Judge Jeanine goes off the chain
  198. Trump Cruz
  199. Supreme Court
  200. Price of a vote
  201. Kasich vows amnesty in 1st 100 days
  202. Underwood vs Dunbar
  203. What is the current path to citizenship now
  204. Donald Trump and Women
  205. Republican wimps absolve the rioters
  206. Country artist and TBH'r Aaron Watson performed at Ted Cruz rally today in N.C.
  207. Sheriff Clark of Wisconsin
  208. 2nd Tuesday voting today.
  209. Darned feriners
  210. Rubio got spanked
  211. Hillary's speech
  212. Obama announcing SCOTUS nominee
  213. Boehner endorses Ryan for POTUS
  214. Oh boy...
  215. Trump's ad on Hillary.
  216. Trumph cancels Fox debate....so much for wanting to go toe to toe with Cruz
  217. Best definition of conservatism I've ever heard
  218. SCOTUS: Obama, HRC or Trump
  219. "Conservative" talk radio has really exposed itself
  220. Good job Sea World!
  221. 1860 Republican Convention
  222. Tim Kennedy's Perspective
  223. Protest and upcoming GOP Convention
  224. Kerry admits Isis Genocide against Christians
  225. Democratic Debate was awesome!!
  226. Union leg breakers going after Trump supporters.
  227. Anonymous declares war on Trump
  228. Trump's Influence
  229. Lord help us.....
  230. Obama hypocritical SOB on greed of 1%
  231. Lose Lose Situation
  232. Game of Thrones Fans
  233. Mark Levin
  234. Megan Kelly
  235. Holocaust Museum
  236. Trump protesters block road in to Phoenix
  237. Polls showing that Trump wins nomination, gets smashed in General election
  238. Could the media try to any harder to be anti-police?
  239. Pictures worth a thousand words
  240. Wonder if the media Trump haters will show this?
  241. Brussels
  242. Adam Hamilton tackles "Christian cliches'" in new book
  243. Soros: In case you were wondering
  244. Trump Oprah interview 1988
  245. A message from Brussels
  246. Trump wins Arizona
  247. If Trump and Hilary are in a boat...
  248. Piers Morgan... The awakening
  249. IRS targets Tea Party
  250. How does one finish 4th in a 3 person race?